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From 2017 to 2022, these five years are about ‘Sankalp Se Siddhi’, says PM Modi in Lok Sabha | Bharatiya Janata Party

From 2017 to 2022, these five years are about ‘Sankalp Se Siddhi’, says PM Modi in Lok Sabha

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Published: 09/08/17 2:23 PM by Delhi BJP

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today, delivered an address in the Lok Sabha, on the occasion of the 75thanniversary of the Quit India Movement.

He said that the recollection of movements such as the Quit India Movement, is a source of inspiration, and added that the current generation has a responsibility of passing on the legacy of such movements, to the future generations.

The Prime Minister recalled that even as many senior leaders like Mahatma Gandhi were jailed at the beginning of the Quit India Movement, a new generation of leaders emerged to fill the vacuum and take the movement forward.

The Prime Minister noted that the freedom struggle went through several phases, and recalled various leaders and movements that emerged at various points since 1857. He added that the Quit India Movement that began in 1942, was a decisive movement. Quoting Gandhiji, the Prime Minister said that all sections of people joined in, responding to Mahatma Gandhi’s clarion call of “Do or Die.” He said that from political leaders to the common man, everyone was imbued with this spirit. Five years was all it took to achieve the objective of independence, once the entire country shared this common resolve, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister quoted the writer Ramvriksha Benipuri, and the poet Sohanlal Dwivedi to describe the mood that prevailed at that time.

The Prime Minister noted that corruption, poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition are challenges that India now needs to overcome. He said that a positive transformation, and a common resolve is required for this. He also mentioned the role played by women in the freedom struggle, and said that women can add immense strength to our common objectives, even today.

Speaking about rights and duties, the Prime Minister said that while we are well aware of our rights, we cannot forget our duties, and these too, must become part of our way of life.

The Prime Minister said that colonialism began in India, and its end too, began with India’s independence, which was soon followed by the fall of colonialism across Asia and Africa.

In 1942, conditions internationally became favourable for India to get independence, the Prime Minister said, noting that today again, the global conditions are favourable for India. He said, that from 1857 to 1942, the move towards freedom was incremental, but the years from 1942 to 1947, were transformative, and delivered on the objective. The Prime Minister urged the Members of Parliament to rise above differences, and join in a common effort to create an India of the dreams of the freedom fighters in the next five years, from 2017 to 2022, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of independence.

The Prime Minister said that if in 1942, the clarion call was “Karenge Ya Marenge,” today the call should be “Karenge aur Karke Rahenge.” He said that the next five years should also be about “Sankalp se Siddhi” – a resolve which will lead us to accomplishment.

The Prime Minister concluded with the following resolve to overcome corruption, give the poor their rights, give youth self-employment, end malnutrition, end barriers to women empowerment, and end illiteracy:

  • हम सभी मिलकर देश से भ्रष्टाचार दूर करेंगे, और करके रहेंगे
  • हम सभी मिलकर गरीबों को उनका अधिकार दिलाएंगे और दिलाकर रहेंगे
  • हम सभी मिलकर नौजवानों को स्वरोजगार के और अवसर देंगे और देकर रहेंगे
  • हम सभी मिलकर देश से कुपोषण की समस्या को खत्म करेंगे और करके रहेंगे
  • हम सभी मिलकर महिलाओं को आगे बढ़ने से रोकने वाली बेड़ियों को खत्म करेंगे और करके रहेंगे
  • हम सभी मिलकर देश से अशिक्षा को खत्म करेंगे और करके रहेंगे

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